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The biological father of jesus Christ: a critique of James Tabor’s hypothesis

Nwaocha Ogechukwu


This article centers on the importance of Theory and Hypothesis as scientific tools and how they could be used in the scientific studies of religious tradition, institutions, and founders. Using James tabor’s Hypothesis ascholar can easily understand the underlining biased factors that affect scholars in the scientific studies of Religion and several ways thesescientific tools have been employed for theological studies which have led to the formation of various concepts and religious doctrines about Jesus’ nature and birth in particular. With thecritique involved in Tabor’s Hypothesis, several scientific and historical evidence have been called into question for their validity and further verification and clarification namely, the historicity of Celsius and the reliability of his information about Jesus’ illegitimacy, the reliability of archeological evidence in religion and theological studies, and the Realness of Mary’s infidelity as regard to Adultery if Justified.

Keywords: Jesus’ Birth, scientific theology, religious theory, hypothesis, James Tabor

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