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Patient Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate Monitoring With an Alert System Using the Omron 790it Blood Pressure Monitor

I Oji, OE Osuagwu


Blood pressure and pulse rate are two of the vital signs of humans and it is imperative that the chronically ill and the elderly patients need to have their blood pressure and pulse rate checked from time to time. This paper describes the use of the Omron 790it blood pressure monitor to check the blood pressure and the pulse rate of patients. This is achieved by transferring the readings taken by the Omron blood pressure monitor into the computer and using an Applications program developed with Visual Basic compiler called the Blood Pressure Loader (BPL) to automatically upload the blood pressure and pulse rate readings taken by the Omron blood pressure monitor directly into the hospital database. An alert can also be sent to the doctor’s phone wherever he is so that he can proffer a solution. The result of this research work is that patients can monitor their own blood pressure and pulse rate even from their homes and transfer the readings into the computer after which it can be uploaded into the hospital’s database. This has the capacity of giving the doctor a timely and detailed medical information on the vital signs of patients and will save many lives that may be lost.

Keywords: Omron 790it, Blood Pressure Loader, CSV, Alert System

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