Information and Communication Technology (Ict) Integration Into Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematic (Stem) In Nigeria

  • AA Ojugo
  • A Osika
  • IJB Iyawa
  • RO Yerokun
Keywords: Constructivism, Rationale, informatics, productivity, meida literacy, lifelong


As Nigeria aspires for technological growth, positive changes need be made by placing proper educational values towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. Some problems faced by STEM include lack of qualified teachers, curriculum, the misconception that STEM education is reserved for the less intelligent in the society, amongst others. Need thus arises, to develop alternative strategies to alleviate such problems. Bridging ICT and constructivism will exponentially change educational processes of both teachers and students to succeed as well as present new forms of learning environment. It will also unveil the power shift in educational structures; equip students to become knowledge producers rather than consumers. Thus, an ICT-Constructivist rich class will help teachers enfranchise, emancipate students academically with a framework that measures quality of engaged student’s learning. This paper aims to reveal links between effective use of ICT and the long neglected theory of constructivism in the area of STEM education. Keywords: Constructivism, Rationale, informatics, productivity, meida literacy, lifelong.

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print ISSN: 1116-5405