Implementation of A Collaborative E-Learning Environment On A Linux Thin-Client System

  • LN Onyejegbu
  • C Ugwu
Keywords: Bandwidth, Collaborative learning, E-learning, Linux, Thin-client


The advances in electronic technology have created opportunities for new instructional designs to be developed. Since Knowledge is expanding at a tremendous rate, these designs make it easy to impact the necessary knowledge (both practical) on people to enable them survive in a competitive environment. The Collaborative E-Learning Environment as an important group learning mode sets a goal of convenience and an adaptation into our technologically advanced society. It emphasizes the communication and information sharing among group members. Implementing this collaborative e-learning environment on a Linux thin-client system makes it possible for this environment to be available in most schools and companies because the Linux thin-clients are less expensive than other conventional computing systems. Developing a Collaborative E-Learning Environment on a Linux Thin-Client System provides a means of delivering an improved quality of education in our society. This paper involves the setting-up of Linux Thin-Client system, installing the appropriate applications necessary for this environment, and developing the interactive portal that will enable registered users to have access to the appropriate collaborative tools. Keywords: Bandwidth, Collaborative learning, E-learning, Linux, Thin-client

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print ISSN: 1116-5405