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Water Pipeline Network Analysis Using Simultaneous Loop Flow Correction Method

NO Ubani, DE Jude, UC Okonkwo, NB Nduka, I Chibundu


A water pipeline network analysis with a case study of Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria municipal water reticulated system has been undertaken. What prompted this study is that the case study has a lot of fluctuations in its head loss. Also, the discharge is not proportional to the pipe diameter. The study therefore adopted simultaneous loop flow correction method because it computes simultaneous flows corrections for all loops, hence, the best since computational procedures takes into account the iterative influence of flow corrections between loops which have common pipes. After applying the simultaneous loop flow correction analyzer in a twenty-four sampled pipeline network, a drastic reduction in head loss and regular line along the axis was observed. Besides, the rate at which the water flows was observed to be proportional to the pipe diameter. Hence, the
method is a useful aid in planning, designing and operating of reticulated pipeline network for higher efficiency and improved economy.

KEYWORDS: Water Reticulated System, Simultaneous Loop Flow, Iteration, Flow Rate, Pipeline Network, Head Loss

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