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Exploring Dynamic User–Interface in Achieving Software Application Viability

KO Igboji


Software applications are explored for any desired operation through their various interfaces. User-interface is a term synonymous with computer ergonomics which is concerned with the human-computer interface. Dynamic user-interface ensures an evolving technology that harmonizes and aligns the links in an application for effective functionality. It is perhaps the most visible and hence most important segment of a software application as it presents the entire system at a glance. The ultimate goal of system developers centers on striking a balance between the cost of time related to developing a user-friendly interface and the cost of handling user errors. Deploying appropriate technical skills in design is critical to software viability – giving rise to user swift choice of application. This paper presents a scenario mindful of the user, as usability of an application is essentially interface-driven. Indeed, appropriately utilizing the rudiments of user interface in application development may be a diffults task and time consuming, but there lies the secret of its viability.

KEYWORDS: User-interface, ergonomics, response time, prototype, modality.

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