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Early results of transurethral vaporisation of prostate in Nigeria

Leslie E Akporiaye


Objective: to determine the effectiveness of transurethral electrovaporisation of prostate for the relief of obstructive prostatic disease in Nigeria.

Methods: Consecutive patients presenting with obstructive prostatic disease with prostate size of less than 40gm were treated by transurethral electrovaporisation of prostate using a 5mm rollerball electrode.

Results: A total of 27 patients were entered into the study, 7(26%) had clinically malignant prostates; 2 patients (7%) had immediate post operative retention requiring resection of residual prostate. No patients exhibited the clinical features of TUR syndrome, all patients were discharged by the 4th post operative day and required no blood trnsfusions.

Conclusions: Transurethral electrovaporisation is effective for treatment of obstructive prostatic disease, benign or malignant. using the 5mm rollerball instead of the recommended vaportrode still confers benefit over TURP. TEVP confers all the benefits of TURP with less mobidity.

Key words: Transurethral, Vaporisation, Prostate, Nigeria.


Objectif: Determiner l'efficacite du “Transuurethral” par electro-evaporisation de la prostate pour soulager le mai de l'épidemie de la prostate obstructive au Nigeria.

Methode: Des patients se presentants successivement avec l'éoidemic de la prostate obstructive dont la taille de la prostate mesurait un peu moins de 40mg ont été traites par “Transuretthral” electrovaporisation de la proste en utilisant une “rollerball” electrode de 5mm.

Resultats: L‘étude a ete experiments sur un total de 27 patients, dont 7 (soit 27%) presentaient des prostates cliniquement malignes, 2 patients (soit 7%) ont eu retention post-operative necessitant re-operation de la prostate residuelle. Aucun patients n'exhibaient anomalies cliniques du “syndrom de TUR”. Tous les patients ont ete decharges (relaches) au 4eme jour post-operatoire et ne necessitaient pas de trannfusion sanguine.

Conclusions: Le “Transurethral” par electro-evaporisation est effective pour traiter l'épidemie de la prostate obstructive que se soit benine ou maligne. En faisant usage du “rollerball” electrode wen lieu du “vaportrode” recommende tout en conferant le benefice du “TURP” “TEVP” confere tous les benefices du “TURP” avec moins d'éffets morbides.

West African Journal of Medicine Vol.23(2) 2004: 139-141
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