Orofacial Surgical Emergencies

  • O Akpata
Keywords: Orofacial, surgical, emergencies, dental/medical practitioners


Background: Orofacial surgical emergencies pose severe hazard to the individual. Medical and Dental clinicians shoould be able to recognise these conditions and initiate appropriate management before referral.
Objective: This article presents the common orofacial surgical emergencies and the initial measures for treatment, before referring to a specialist dental surgeon for definitive treatment.
Methods: Literature and related texts on the common orofacial surgical emergencies and the general principles for its management were reviewed.
Results: Acute dental abscess, trauma, bleeding and pain in the orofacial region are the most common orofacial surgical emergencies. They usually present first to the general dental or medical practitioner, who may be required to diagnose and render initial care to these patients. Thereafter, there may be need for referral to the appropriate specialties in dentistry to help treat these severe distressing and or life-threatening conditions.
Conclusion: There is need for general medical or dental practitioners to be well-informed about the common orofacial surgical emergencies and how to diagnose, as well as provide initial treatment for these emergencies. However, the failure of clinicians to promptly diagnose and call for the assistance of a specialist dental surgeon when appropriate may result in fatal consequences.

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