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A scenario-based multiple attribute decision-making approach for site selection of a wastewater treatment plant: Bahir Dar City (Ethiopia) case study

Tilik Tena Wondim, Bloodless Dzwairo


The challenge of selecting an appropriate wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) site is addressed in this study, using the case study of Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia. An innovative approach is proposed for selecting the WWTP site. Fifteen practically feasible alternatives were identified based on the geographical information system (GIS) based hydraulic design and considering the overall economy of the system. The three dimensions of sustainability were considered while evaluating alternatives through incorporating economic, social, energy and environmental criteria in decision-making. The multiple attribute decision making (MADM) method was applied to prioritize the alternatives. Four scenarios representing the different perspectives of choices were used for weight elicitation. The results of the study show that the developed decision making approach identified practically feasible alternatives. The framework and decision-making methodology developed in this study helped to facilitate the decision making by local government in a holistic view that incorporates environmental management in the city of Bahir Dar.

Keywords: urban planning, multiple attribute decision making, sewage outfall, sewerage system, site selection,
wastewater treatment plant
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