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Utilisation of factorial experiments for the UV/H2O2 process in a batch reactor

M Drouiche, H Lounici, N Mameri, DL Piron, M Kharroune


Factorial experiments provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of operational variables on process performance. Utilisation of the Hadamard matrix taking into account all interaction effects, appeared to be efficient for giving a mathematical model that conformed to criteria validity. The predictions given by the factorial experiments model were confirmed by the experiments. Phenol oxidative degradation kinetics were not significantly influenced by pH or hardness of the solution to be treated, as is predicted by factorial experiments. On the other hand, initial H2O2 concentration, initial phenol concentration and temperature significantly influenced the efficiency of the process. Optimal values were determined: a temperature of about 20°C and a CH2O2/Cphenol ratio of 120 (mg/mg).

WaterSA Vol.27(4) 2001: 551-558
AJOL African Journals Online