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Counterfeit Currency Identification System - A Case Study on Ethiopian Birr Note

Z Dinku, K Raimond


Counterfeit notes came into circulation right from the time of existence of genuine notes. A number of techniques like first line inspection methods, second line inspection methods and smart money counterfeit detector are being used in many countries to identify the genuine notes from the fake ones. The other method is manual inspection, which is currently used in Ethiopia at the banks. Though experts make right decisions based on their years of experience, it is however important to avoid any bias by humans. So, there should be some technique that should help the banks and insurance companies to precisely identify the counterfeit currencies. This work proposes and implements a Counterfeit Currency Identification System (CCIS) based on Cauchy–Schwarz inequality algorithm.

Keywords: Banknote recognition, Cauchy-schwarz inequality, Counterfeit currency identification.

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