Uniform load coefficients for beams in reinforced concrete two - way slabs

  • B Habte


While designing reinforced concrete two - way slab systems, triangular or trapezoidal loadings are  encountered during transferring the slab loading to the supporting beams. When analysing continuous beams, uniform loading conditions are, as much as possible, preferred because of their simplicity. In this paper, respective equivalent uniformly distributed load coefficients are derived baSed on the Ethiopian Standard Code of Practice (ESCP2) II] recommendation. Results are tabulated for all the possible cases of slab support conditions. A numerical example has been presented to illustrate the application of the coefficients in actual design problems. It has also been tried to verify some of the results by comparing the recommended  side ratio of the slab loadings with the yield line analysis of slabs, the derived £:oefficients with elastic analysis of single span beams, the total panel loading with the total load the four supporting beams carry. Under these three aspects investigation has been made on the recommendaJion of the new Building Code Standards Ill] which is to be launched in the near future.

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print ISSN: 0514-6216