Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research

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The Impact of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Geography

V. Oyedele, Y. Oyedele, D. Munasirei


This research, carried out in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe, aimed to investigate the impact of computer-assisted instruction on students’ performance in Geography. The equivalent group research design which included a pre-test post-test control group design was used. Respondents to interviews and pre-test and post-test questionnaires were made up of forty Form 3 students and eight teachers randomly selected from two secondary schools. The data obtained were analysed using t-test, chi-square and SPSS descriptive statistical techniques. The results showed that the computer-assisted instruction (CAI) gave a higher student performance rate in comparison to those who used expository (traditional) instructional strategy (EIS). There was no significant difference on performance between male and female students exposed to computer-assisted instruction. Recommendations for a follow-up study are made.

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