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Problems Associated with Corporal Punishment as Perceived by Secondary School Students in Ilorin, Nigeria

F. N. Bolu-steve, M. C. Ogwokhademhe, M. A. Abejirin


This study investigated the problems associated with corporal punishment as perceived by secondary school students in Ilorin metropolis of Kwara state. The study was carried out using a multi-stage sampling technique. At stage one; the four local governments were purposively selected. Stratified sampling procedure was used at stage two to stratify respondents into desired characteristics of age, gender, religion, class level and school type. At stage three, simple random technique was employed to select 50 students in each of the four local governments making a total of 200 respondents from the four Local Government Area in Ilorin metropolis.
The outcome of this study showed that secondary school students in Ilorin have similar views on the perceived problems associated with corporal punishment on the basis of age, gender, religion, and class level. A significant difference was found on the basis of school type. The problems of indiscipline among students cannot be handled by teachers alone as such it was recommended that principals should employ the services of school counsellors. The government should also discourage the use of corporal punishment in school.

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