Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research

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Ramifications of Absent Parenting on School-going Children in Masvingo Urban

H. Zirima, J. Mtemeri, J. Mtemeri


This study sought to explore the psycho-educational implications of parental migration on school going children in Masvingo, urban. The study further explored how these children adjust to parental migration. This study used a mixed methods approach to collect data, particularly employing the descriptive case study. A total of fifty two (52) participants were purposively selected in this research. The results of the study reveal that school-going children whose parents have migrated to other countries experience acute feelings of anger, loneliness, helplessness, confusion and anxiety. Marked decline in educational achievement was also found to be common among children whose parents migrated compared to those who stay with both parents. The study also revealed that children left behind face challenges in adjusting to a life without the presence of parents. This study recommends that when parents migrate, they should always keep constant contact with their children in order to lessen the emotional pain associated with the separation. Further research is needed to assess the effect of parental migration on the adult life of affected children.

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