Zagazig Journal of Occupational Health and Safety: Editorial Policies

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Focus and Scope

Zagazig Journal of Occupational Health and Safety is aimed at physicians and researchers in the wide-ranging discipline of occupational and environmental health and safety. The field is devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, management and scientific analysis of occupational, environmental and safety health problems; it also covers the promotion of health of workers, their families, and communities.

The main objectives of Zagazig Journal of Occupational Health and Safety are to publish high quality scientific articles , to maximize the citation rate of the papers published in the Journal, and promote each published issue in various scientific media. The main criteria for accepting a manuscript for publication are its originality and scientific soundness and importance.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

All submitted manuscripts are initially reviewed internally. Those manuscripts that do not comply with the "Information for Authors" are returned. Retained manuscripts are sent for external peer review. Identities of authors and peer reviewers are kept confidential; reviewers are required to disclose any conflicts of interest.

Peer Review Procedure: The manuscript is sent to three (or more than three) reviewers to review the manuscript, although the ultimate authority to accept or reject the manuscript rests with the Editor. Authors should not recommend the names of preferred reviewers, but may give the names of people whom they wish not to act as reviewers in the covering letter.
Reviewers are asked to make comments on the scientific content and style of the paper, to make statistical and methodological appraisals, and to comment on the appropriateness of the discussion and conclusions.
On receipt of their comments, and if approved, letter of acceptance is issued to the author stating the likely date of its publication. If required, clarifications are sought from the authors Furthermore, the Zagazig Journal of Occupational Health and Safety reserves the right to send a paper for a further round of peer review if necessary. The final decision rests with the Editor.


Editorial Board & Staff

Professor Ahmed-Refat AG Ahmed-Refat
Editorial Board (2008 – 2009 )
Professor Aida A. Hassan
Professor Amal A. El-Badawy
Professor Amany R. Abu-Elsoud
Professor Gamal E. Borayek
Professor Ghafar M. Abdel-Rasoul
Professor Mohamed M, Nasif
Professor Mahmoud S. El-Sadawy
Professor Naema S. El-Laithy
Professor Safaa A. El-Naggar
Professor Samir M. Wassif
Director Board
Professor Saad S Oush
Dean, Faculty of Medicine , Zagazig University
Professor Sara El-Refaei
Vice-Dean Faculty of Medicine , Zagazig University
Professor Mohamed F Abdel-Fattah
Vice-Dean Faculty of Medicine , Zagazig University
Sara A. Bolbul
Wael M. Abdel-Azeem
Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be sent to:
Professor Ahmed-Refat AG Ahmed-Refat
Occupational and Environmental Health Services Center
Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University , Zagazig, Egypt
Fax: +2 0552307830

ISSN: 1687-8671
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