Animal Science in Zimbabwe: Strategies and Solutions

  • (The Late) J H Topps Formerly of the Department of Agriculture, University of Aberdeen, 581 King Street, Aberdeen AB15 8HX, Scotland, UK.


Animal Science involves a scientific understanding of farm livestock. The subject is made up of a number of scientific disciplines such as nutrition, genetics, physiology and a few others such as microbiology, which are of lesser importance but which are increasing in relevance. It is acceptable therefore, to teach and review Animal Science by considering each of these disciplines. Unfortunately, this treatment of the subject may well mask wholly or partially important interactions between the disciplines although an attempt will be made to discuss those of the greatest importance. An alternative way to write a comprehensive review is to base it on type of livestock, viz. beef cattle, dairy cattle, pigs, etc. (Ndlovu, 1994a) so this approach is also incorporated in this paper.

The Zimbabwe Science News Volume 33(2) April – July 1999, pp. 35-44

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eISSN: 1016-1503