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Antiinflamatory and analgesic activities of Ficus thonningii and Pseudocedrela kotschyi extracts

SO Otimenyin, MO Uguru, BL Atang


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic studies were conducted on rats and mice using ethanolic extracts of the leaves of Ficus thonningii and stem back of Pseudocedrela kotschyi using egg white induce inflammation, hot plate and writhing tests method. The ethanolic extracts of both plants inhibited egg-albumin induced edema, pain induced by hot plate and acetic acid induced writhing. Ficus thonningii and Pseudocedrela kotschyi significantly alter the stay time of the rats on hot plate with Pseudocedrela kotschyi showing a higher activity. Both plants extracts show analgesic activity in the acetic acid induced writhing (chemical method) with Pseudocedrela kotschyi showing a higher activity. Intraperitoneal LD50 were 7g/kg and 1.5g/kg for Ficus thonningii and Pseudocedrela kotschyi respectively and preliminary phytochemical screening revealed the presence of glycosides, flavonoids, tannins and alkaloids in both extracts. These results suggest that these plants possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for which they are used by traditional healers.
Key words: Medicinal plants; Anti-inflammatory; Analgesic; Writhing test
Nig. J. Pharm. Res. 3(1) 2004: 82-85

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