AJOL Supporters for Sustainability

AJOL amplifies African voices in global discourse on equity in scholarly communications.

AJOL provides free online hosting and technical services that allow stand-alone journals to be OA.

AJOL puts African research on the global map through massive online visibility — several million articles are downloaded from the platform each month.

African Journals Online (AJOL) seeks annual commitments for financial support in order to sustainably continue our critical work and also to expand our organisational capacity to meet a long waiting list of applicant Open journals, in particular.

While our services are free to the various groups we serve, our work is not without costs, and the current traditional donor environment is not providing this Non Profit Organisation with sustainable funds. We have a shortfall for 2024, and so need AJOL Supporters urgently.

Each AJOL Supporter will be listed with their logo on the AJOL website, be provided with an invoice (AJOL is a tax exempt South African Non Profit Company), be provided with AJOL’s annual audited financial statements and a short annual report on how your institute or institution’s contribution is making a difference at the end of each year.

Recommendations for annual contributions are as follows (with institutes, universities, libraries or consortia deciding for themselves on their size category):

Small Institutes

Aloe Supporters

per annum:    4,000 Euro    4,500 USD    3,500 GBP               

Medium Institutes

Acacia Supporters

per annum:    10,000 Euro    11,000 USD    8,500 GBP               

Large Institutes

Baobab Supporters

per annum:    20,000 Euro    22,000 USD    17,000 GBP               

Our 2024 target tree:

Support already secured for 2024

Please contact the AJOL COO, Ivy Mutambanengwe, via ivy@ajol.info to request an invoice.

Consortia & Donors

Rain Forest Supporters

Please approach the AJOL CEO, Susan Murray, directly at susan@ajol.info.

  WHAT AJOL does

  • We provide free online hosting and technical services.
  • We make it feasible for stand-alone journals to be OA.
  • We provide training and capacity building support.
  • We provide an alternative to commercial platforms.
  • We amplify African voices in global discourse on equity in scholarly communications.
  • We put African research on the global map through massive online visibility.
We do this for the continental and global research community and to serve the common good.

  WHO we do it for

We exist to serve primarily African:
  • Editors and journal Boards
  • Researchers and authors
  • Higher Education professionals
  • Syllabus creators
  • Librarians
  • Students
  • Policymakers
  • Practitioners


We are excellent at what we do because of:
  • Our history and longevity.
  • Our global reputation as a collaborative, not-for-profit.
  • Our extensive African and global network.
  • Our commitment to taking a developmental approach.
  • Our values and ethics.
  • Our unique JPPS quality assessment framework.
  • Our Pan-African, non-political stance.
We are proud of our female leadership in a male-dominated sector.

  WHY we do it

AJOL exists to contribute to equity in the global academic publishing ecosystem by:
  • Supporting the quality of African research journals;
  • Promoting the openness of African research content;
  • Promoting trust in African scholarly publishing;
  • Countering the loss of intellectual property from the African continent;
  • Promoting the link between investment in higher education and economic development; and
  • Promoting contextually relevant solutions to real-world problems