How do you go about accessing Open Access and subscription/paid content journals on AJOL?

To view title by subject on AJOL, please click the white "JOURNALS" tab at the top left of your screen. 

To view only Open Access (free online full text) journals, you can then select the "Open Access Titles" tab at top right of the "JOURNALS" page.

Journals that choose to publish in an open access model have their full text online for free download or email attachment from AJOL. For Subscription-based titles, we encourage you to subscribe directly to them if you need regular full text access to particular journals! The contact details for each journal appear under the "About" tab at the top of each journal's homepage. 


How can libraries access partner journals that charge for their content?

Libraries may open a pre-paid article download account with AJOL for access to partner titles that charge for their content. This makes it easier for your users to get full text articles from the AJOL subscription-based journal partners.  Staff or student access to the subscription articles is by a password or by our software automatically picking up IP range, at the choice of the institution.

Please contact info(at) by email for further information. All rates are discounted and depend on the number of articles requested. The current rates for pre-paid accounts are:

Account Type 25 articles 50 articles 100 articles 250 articles
Low Income Country
Educational Institution Libraries
Quota of a maximum of 12 free articles per month.
If that is routinely reached, the library is encouraged to purchase a pre-paid bundle
at Lower Middle Income Country rates to augment the quota.
Lower Middle Income Country $218
($8.70 per article*)
($8.250 per article*)
($7.875 per article*)
($7.50 per article*)
Upper Middle Income Country $360
($14.40 per article*)
($14.10 per article*)
($13.50 per article*)
($12.90 per article*)
High Income Country $652
($26.10 per article*)
($25.50 per article*)
($24.750 per article*)
($24.00 per article*)

  • * Discounted rates hold until all articles have been used — there is no time restriction. Accounts may be topped up at any time.
  • To check which category your country falls into, please consult the World Bank country lists; you can view them here (please click).
  • Over half the income from article downloads is returned to the originating journals, and the remainder is used as partial cost-recovery by AJOL to allow the service to continue.
  • Please contact us on if you would like us to set up an account for you! It is quick and easy.

Suggest a journal

AJOL would very much appreciate suggestions from librarians of journals to include on our website that are not already here, and that comply with our criteria for inclusion. If you have a title in mind that is African-published and peer-reviewed, and not yet on AJOL, please do contact us on applications(at) 

AJOL would also welcome feedback on our service and our website. Please feel free to contact us at