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An Alternative African Developmentalism: A Critique of Zero-sum Games and Palliative Economics

YE Amaizo


Africa’s economic growth and dependence since independence has
been characterised by a zero-sum economic interaction with the West.
This was no more than a continuation of the Centre-Periphery
relationship that existed during colonial times. The result of the zerosum
game interaction between Africa and the West has been to further
increase the historic unequal exchange. Economic crises marked by
massive unemployment, low wages and high prices have led to
dangerous migrations from the discontented continent. The problem is
that the post-colonial African nations are still firmly tied to the economic
theories and programmes of their erstwhile colonisers. Thus the
solutions offered by way of the West are no more than palliatives. The
solution is to develop new theories and pragmatic solutions that derive
from autonomous Africa-centred positions. This is the significance of
an alternative African developmentalism.

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