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Making Secondary School Geography Come Alive in Nigeria: A Case for Fieldwork

Peter Adewale Amosun


Geography studies and describes the earth. It concentrates on both physical and human or cultural features of the earth. The study of which should not be limited to the classrooms. Geographical fieldwork is essential for a better comprehension of phenomena that are being studied from time to time, and it is also required for the purpose of acquisition of right skills among others. However, in Nigerian schools especially at primary and secondary levels, geographical fieldwork appears to be at lower ebb or is no longer in existence. This paper makes a wakeup call for a revival of geographical fieldwork in Nigerian schools. It clarifies what fieldwork is all about, pointing out the differences between it and other similar words, and emphasizes its importance. It finally debunks all flimsy excuses which teachers always give for not organizing fieldwork and makes a call for fieldwork to come alive once again.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
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