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The Politics of Neglect in the Resettled Communities of Borgu: A Recipe for Armed Struggle

Salihu Mohammed Niworu


This paper attempted a contribution to finding solution to the incessant armed agitations that bedevilled all regions of the Nigerian political economy. Common consumption goods have eluded majority of the less privileged Nigerians. In cognizance of this, aggrieved youths take up arms in agitation for a fair share of the wealth that accrued to the federal government from the natural endowments of their local communities. The Borgu resettled communities are not exonerated from the politics of neglect and deprivations other regions are amplifying to the global community. Borgu produces electricity, but they do not have light, no quality schools, good access roads and efficient health facilities in spite of the sacrifices they make for national development. The paper recommended among others that good roads, electricity, health facilities and schools be provided for the people of Borgu.
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