Facilitating Students\' Attitude in the Concept of Heat Energy in Nigerian Senior Secondary School Physics Using Models, Realia and Instructional Charts

  • A O Akinbobola
  • G A Ikitde


This study investigated the facilitating effect of models, realia and charts on students' attitude in teaching the concept of heat energy in Nigerian senior secondary school Physics. A total of 183 senior secondary two (SS2) Physics students constituted the sample. This study adopted quasi-experimental design in 4 co-educational secondary schools in Ife South Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria. Physics Attitude Scale (PAS) was used to collect the data and the coefficient of internal consistency for PAS was 0.85 using Cronbach alpha. The data collected were analyzed using Analysis of Covariance. The results showed that models were the most effective in facilitating students' attitude towards leaning Physics. This was then followed by realia while charts were found to be the least effective in facilitating students' attitude towards Physics learning. The results also showed an insignificant gender difference in the attitude of students towards Physics when taught with models, realia and charts. The results also indicated that the facilitating effect of instructional materials on students' attitude towards Physics is not the same at all levels of gender. It is recommended that charts should be used together with models/realia materials for the main lesson, revision and reference purposes.

Keywords: Attitude, Heat Energy, Realia, Models, Charts.

African Research Review Vol. 2 (2) 2008 pp. 56-68

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057