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Identification of Allelochemicals from Terminalia Chebula

M Manikandan, M Rejula


This study was an experiental research to identify the chemicals contained in terminalia chebula.The dried leaves and barks were ground to a fine powder in a Wiley Mill (40 mesh), using this powder for aqueous extract prepared by the method of Heisey (1990).
Bioassay studies were also carried out following the method of Heisey (1990). The extraction of phenolic compounds for GC analysis was carried out by the method of Kil and Yum (1983). The comparison of the leaf and bark extracts was done. The result of our study showed that the leaf extracts of the T.chebula contains more quantity of hydroquinone, trans-cinnamic acid, gentisic acid, vanillic acid, syringic acid and transferulic acid (phnolic acids) otherwise known as allochemicals than the bark and were more inhibitory to seeding
growth of Cassia occidentals and Crotalaria retusa than the bark extracts in bioassay studies. The implication is that Terminalia Chebula will be extremely useful in future to control the weed growth in agroecosystem.

Keywords: Terminnlia chebula, Cassia occidentals, Crotalaria retusa and allelo chemicals.

African Research Review Vol. 2 (3) 2008: pp. 306-314
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