African Research Review

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The Politics of States\', Local Governments\' Creation and Nigeria\'s Search for Geo-Political Balancing

EO Ojo, PF Adebayo


Undoubtedly, one of the major absurdities of Nigerian federalism well noted in the extant literature which has also been responsible for her convoluting character is structural imbalance. This paper took a cursory look at this anomaly in line with Mill's law of federal
stability. The paper reviewed all previous attempts at both state and locality creation exercises till date. The paper however inferred that it is imperative that the challenge of geo-political balancing is resolved if the polity will be stabilized.

Keywords: Federalism, Ethnic-minorities, Geo-politics, State Creation, Local-Government.

African Research Review Vol. 2 (3) 2008: pp. 334-367
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