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Stressors and their Influence on Job Performance of Career Administrative Staff in University Reform Implementation in Anambra State

GO Uzoechina
AP Onuselogu


The purpose of this study was to determine stressors and how they influence university career administrative staff in the implementation of reforms in Universities within Anambra state. The study, which was based on two research questions, adopted the descriptive survey design. The entire population of 183 career administrative staff in the three universities in Anambra State, were used in the study. A researcher-developed questionnaire was used to collect data. Mean ratings were used in answering the research questions. The findings of the study indicated that the university career administrative staff encountered stress due to workload, facilities, student management, administration and professional development. Stress influenced the staff in the implementation of reforms by poor job concentration, delay in meeting job deadlines due to stress anxiety, forgetfulness in conveying major university decisions to people concerned,
and non-achievement of expected job results in university reform
implementation. It was therefore recommended that government should
match reform initiatives with adequate resources and management of
universities should endeavor to take appropriate steps with respect to
stipulating job deadlines, job specification and provision of physical
facilities to reduce work over-load and its associated stressors among career administrative staff.