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Gender and Topicality in Onwueme’s Plays

EA Nyager


Gender discourse as an offshoot of feminism has become an important factor
in the global discourse on development. As a feminist, Tess Onwueme has
often high-lighted her discussion of topical, national and global issues
against the metaphorical backdrop of women exploited and disfranchised but
identifiable with the nation/state. This paper seeks to illustrate the
discussions of gender and topical/national issues through a focused
examination of one or two of Onwueme’s plays, namely: What Mama Said
and No Vacancy. This will by no means limit our referencing to any other of
her works. By this examination we also seek to present the playwright as a
committed sensitive and creative artist who speaks for and seeks to lend
voice to the voiceless.
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