Game Theoretic Analysis of Road Traffic Problems in Nigeria

  • CC Nwobi-Okoye


Chaotic road traffic situation in most Nigerian and African cities and roads
is a nightmare, and a significant proportion of the cost of goods and services
is attributed to this. A general feature is that these problems are due to
tyranny of small decisions by motorists and some other citizens, hence, traffic
problems in Nigeria are analysed in the context of a social dilemma. Game
theoretic models based on the famous prisoner/commons dilemma game were used for the analysis. The analysis revealed the mechanism and scientific basis for most traffic problems encountered in Nigeria. Finally, it is
suggested that the undesirable equilibrium outcome of the social dilemma
could be avoided by using mechanism design and structural changes to the
social game to achieve the desired efficient outcome and by so doing
increased productivity, reduced accidents, injuries and deaths, and the
resultant increased economic growth will be achieved.

 Keywords: Game theory; Social Dilemma; Road Traffic; Equilibrium;
Mechanism design


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057