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Significance of Kaduna River to Kaduna Refining and Petrochemicals Complex: Some Checks and Balances

KA Aderogba


Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemicals Complex comprises of various
processing units. The plants produce various grades of petroleum and
petrochemical products. But in all of the plants and facilities, water is
required in its various forms. The paper describes Desalter Process and
Refinery Wastewater. The only major source of water is Kaduna River. The
Chemical compositions of the raw and filtered water differ. The compositions
of the treated and “imported” bottled waters are the same and thus fit for
drinking. pH value is fairly constant and so also other elements. Purification
is by demineralization using ion-exchange resins. Demineralised water
contains a number of chemicals and compounds. The process waters are
discharged either as steam or drained out as affluent water. The Sour Water
Stripper (SWS) is not functioning. Consequently, the polluted wastewater is
discharged directly to the environment. The Sour Water Stripper must be
resuscitated and made to function. Government and KRPC would need to
inform and educate members of the community about the effluent wastewater
and its consequences in the environment. Ultra Filtration Membrane System
is recommended for treatment of desalter effluent.

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