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Psychosocial Adjustment Needs of Menopausal Women

DI Dimkpa


The purpose of this study was to examine the psychosocial adjustment needs of menopausal women. The population of the study consisted of 623
menopausal women who were out-patients in Federal Medical Centre and a
private hospital in Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State of
Nigeria. The sample consisted of 226 menopausal women selected through
the random sampling technique. Four research hypotheses were raised to
examine the women’s needs on the basis of their marital status, educational level, religion and socio-economic level. A researcher-designed instrument named ‘Menopausal Needs Questionnaire’ (MNQ) was used to collect data. The data were analyzed using means, standard deviation, t-test and ANOVA. Results indicated that for health support, the women desired improving sexual relationship, decreasing wrinkles, overcoming menopausal symptoms, obtaining fertility treatment and preventing aging. Social support needs included attending functions, sharing concerns and obtaining encouragement from spouse. It also showed that there was no significant difference in the women’s psychosocial adjustment needs on the basis of marital status (Cal.t=0.42; P>0.05), educational level (Cal. t=1.83 P>0.05), and socioeconomic level (Cal. F=1.842;P>0.05). Significant difference was observed on the basis of religion (Cal .t= 13.23; P< 0,05). On the basis of these findings, recommendations were made.

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