Empowering Youth for Sub-Saharan Africa’s Development

  • NK Betchoo
Keywords: sub-Saharan Africa, youth, development


At this critical time of development in sub-Saharan Africa where the  continent’s growth actually makes it a region of great potential, it would be vital to integrate the youth in the development of the youngest continent in the world. Long-time considered as the continent of all worries and social threats, sub-Saharan Africa has gained keen interest from investors all over the world, including emerging market giants like China and India which consider it as a major partner to fuel their own development. This is where the need to empower the young African generation arises. With a population boom of 1.5 billion inhabitants, sub-Saharan Africa stands at the cross-roads of economic development. This report identifies the strategic factors that should propel the African youth to benefit from the opportunities that lie ahead, in particular, economic growth, progress and better living standards. It highlights that an investment in education remains paramount to developing the youth in the region with already appalling levels of literacy. To better address the needs and concerns of young Africans, governments must come to their help by promoting incentives and initiatives for advancement. The research also emphasises the need for skills training and development which are more focused to the needs of economic advancement. In addition, better focus on information and communications technology could bridge the digital divide between sub-Saharan Africa and the West while making the young generation more tuned to harnessing the use and benefits of technology. Such measures might already be promoted in advanced economies within sub-Saharan
Africa in countries like South Africa, Mauritius and Botswana, but should equally impact other nations that are actually lagging in these fundamental areas. Although this research paper is not exhaustive, it sheds light on the key factors that could be of great benefit to an aspiring African youth in today’s global economic environment.

Key words: sub-Saharan Africa, youth, development


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print ISSN: 2141-4343