Changing Dynamics of Good Governance in Africa

  • H Wani
Keywords: Africa, good governance, changing dynamics, impediments.


Since 1980 Africa has been in the process of establishing the principles of good governance for making African institutions and authorities accountable enough to run their own state affairs. Research shows that the continent has made some progress in this area but more still needs to be achieved. In this paper we will examine the recent developments in the field of good governance and consider what is still needed to achieve a prosperous and progressive Africa. The research data were taken from UNDP, AU, UNCTAD, World Bank, UNESCO, Oxfam, and AfDB research reports. We have tried to highlight the positive aspects of recent developments and also the transitional aspect of good governance in the African continent. We have also tried to avoid negative dimensions on the basis research data, which definitely shows over the last two decades Africa has made real progress and is still moving towards sustainable development, effective governance and stable growth. It is predicted that at some time in the near future, Africa will have achieved significant growth, and economic progress, and will have effective political institutions and better leaders

Keywords: Africa, good governance, changing dynamics, impediments.


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print ISSN: 2141-4343