Coping With Job Stress in the Banking Sector: A Study of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

  • Joshua O. Nweke
Keywords: Banking, Coping strategies, Stress management


Job stress has adverse effects on both organizations and employees. Previous studies examining the causes of job stress paid little attention to stress management and coping strategies, especially in the banking sector. This study therefore aimed to determine the various ways employees in the banking sector could cope with workplace stress. The questionnaire instrument used in this study focused on respondents’ demographic characteristics and the coping strategies adopted in overcoming workplace stress. Twenty eight bank workers participated in this study. Symbolic interactionism and macro-analytic, state-oriented theories formed the framework. Results indicate that stress on the job reduces when employees i) do physical exercises like jugging, aerobatics and regular visit to the gym (89%), ii) have more control over their jobs (93%), iii) are allowed to handle family issues inbetween their duties (61%), iv) are allowed to work in their areas of specialization (100%), v) have conducive working environment (93%), vi) have job security (71%), vii) have no deadlines on job delivery (89%), viii) receive in-service training to keep them abreast of new trends on their jobs (86%), and ix) are granted leaves. In view of the foregoing, the study recommends that employers should assign employees responsibilities in their areas of specialization. They should also organize periodic seminars to keep workers abreast with the current trends in global banking system.

Keywords: Banking, Coping strategies, Stress management


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