The Causal Pattern of Mobile Phone Ownership and Implications for Urban Development Planning for Gender Change: The Case of Fish and Vegetable Sellers in Yola, Nigeria

  • MA Husain


This paper examined a number of predictors of mobile phone ownership amongst fish and vegetable sellers in Yola Metropolis, Nigeria. Using regression path analysis, it identified the causal pattern of mobile phone ownership for Male and Female in the study area. Although there were few significant differences between genders on the predictors, the causal pattern of Male and Female were entirely dissimilar suggesting that the method for the attainment of the goals of ownership of mobile phones was
specific to Male or Female. The specific predictors could be incorporated into the goals of planning schemes and programs for urban development to enable empowering ownership of mobile phones appropriately for the two gender groups. This approach may also be adopted by planning and development practitioners in a sustained approach towards promotion of ownership of any information technological device or innovation that may have a differing impact on gender within a development setting.

Keywords: Development planning, mobile phone, gender, Nigeria.


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print ISSN: 2141-4343