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Effect of Contemporary Social Environment, Drug Abuse and Cultism on the Health of Students in Nigerian Schools

SBC Iheanacho, B Asanye, ME Edim


This paper assesses the role and effects of contemporary social environment on the health of students in Nigerian schools. this effects were seen to be a driving forces to some of the anti-social vices the student carry out and the type of groups and company students make in Nigerian schools. This health situation comes as results of substance abuse which these students imitate their colleague to take. This drugs could be from the patent medicine stores, from hard drugs like (marijuana, cannabis) or others in the cult group take drugs to keep them going covering their inferiority complex. Such drugs most often than not are unprescribed drugs, which always have some negative effects on the student’s health. in some cases, this results to very serious health effect. The paper was carried out in Nigeria to assess the effect of social environment on the health of students and the paper went ahead to recommend some mitigation plan to curbing this moral menace in our society. One of the major recommendations is that sporting facilities should be improve and provided to engagethe sudents so that they can be turned away from all these social avarice.

Keywords: Social environment, substance abuse, drug abuse, cultism, and
student’s health.

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