The Society in the Lens of the Writer: Ken-Saro-Wiwa’s Prisoner of Jebs

  • JE Akung


This paper examines Ken Saro-Wiwa’s view of the decadent Nigerian society as portrayed in Prisoner of Jebs and explores how he blends fact into fiction. Ken Saro- Wiwa sees his society as one that is bedeviled by the monster called corruption. And he sees himself as the custodian of the society’s cultural values with the responsibility of redirecting the society onto the ethical path. Saro-Wiwa, an environmental activist and writer, blends facts into fiction and uses humour and sarcasm as major weapons to lampoon the society. As the society laughs at itself, it also exposes the ills and follies found in it. Finally the paper examines how successful Saro-Wiwa has fared as a writer.

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print ISSN: 2141-4343