Anatomy of the Rule of Law and Democratic Governance in Nigeria: A Christian Appraisal

  • BO Igboin


Discourses on the rule of law and the role of the Christian in Nigeria are widespread. This is because of the belief that the Christians are generally required by the fact of their faith to be at the fore-front of, not only obeying civil laws in so far as they are not in contravention of the scriptural demands, but that those in position of authority must be seen to have used such opportunity to enact or cause collaborative political functionaries to enact just and implementable laws. This expectation cannot be met except there is an acute acknowledge of the anatomy of law itself, bearing in mind that truth, morality and fact are required to promulgate and exercise law as demonstrated by Christ. It is in view of this that this article utilizes the Christian ethical predicate to critique the present position in Nigeria with the view to calling them to be alive to this social and moral responsibility, which is a sine qua non for a just society.

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