The Interface Between the Mass Media, Culture and Technology: Its Implications for National Development

  • O Okon
  • VE Bassey-Duke
  • NJ Brown
Keywords: Mass media, culture, technology, national development


The mass media, culture and technology constantly interact in a dynamic relationship that shapes and continues to shape our contemporary world. Technology develops within a cultural context and has basis in social and material life. As technology develops, certain aspects of culture undergo radical changes to be able to cope with the new challenge. This shift in cultural orientation includes how we communicate with one another in society. Modern communication technology, for instance, has rendered the traditional mode of communication like the town crier and the wooden gong obsolete. New ideas and breakthroughs in technology have to be communicated orally or in written form among scientists in learned journals and books for the larger society before they can be applied for the practical solutions to the challenges of human existence. The problems of Nigeria’s stunted development derive largely from the failure of the country’s leadership to recognize this tripartite relationship. This manifests in their attitude of always looking outwards for solutions to the country’s multifarious problems. The paper concludes that no meaningful development can take place in the country without the proper harnessing of these three resources.

Keywords: Mass media, culture, technology, national development.


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print ISSN: 2141-4343