Human Rights Advocacy and National Integration in Niyi Osundare’s Poetry: A Study in Human Rights Law

  • L Eyoh


The paper adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Niyi Osundare’s poetry, focusing on human rights advocacy and national integration. It explores and illuminates the concepts of human rights and national integration within the framework of law, isolating the striking features of the concepts replete in Osundare’s poetry having carried out a review of literature germane to the topic of study. It then selects Osundare’s poems dealing with the concepts and highlights their contents and beauty. The paper reveals that the poet has used his verse to advocate human rights and national integration in all ramifications. It recommends the use and reading of Osundare’s poetry and other similar verse in secondary and tertiary institutions across Nigeria for the provocation, propagation and preservation of national integrity.

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print ISSN: 2141-4343