The Paradox of Resource Wealth and Human Insecurity: Refl ections on the Niger-Delta Area of Nigeria

  • IT Sampson


This article seeks to examine the reversible human security situation in the Niger Delta in the face of profuse resource endowment and extraction by the state. It does so by explaining how petroleum exploitation in the Niger Delta has negatively impacted on the environment thereby compromising the human security of inhabitants. It argues that the Multi-National Oil Corporations (MNOCs), the Nigerian state (represented by the majority ethnic groups) and the security forces have synergised to sustain the human insecurity in the Niger delta region for political and economic gains. It therefore uses two theoretical pillars to underpin this contradiction and concludes by proffering structural and legal reforms that will guarantee the amelioration of this unpleasant condition.

Africa Insight Vol. 38 (2) 2008: pp. 62-76