Post-Colonial Nation Building, Global Governance, Globalisation and Development in Nigeria and Africa

  • O Akanle


Development is the primary occupation of all subsisting societies. A common route that nations take is that of nation building, especially within the premise of the postcolonial societies’ construct originating from the background of colonialism in Africa particularly. It is based on this that post-colonial nation building, global governance, globalisation and development processes become relevant in  twenty-first century Africa. This is more so within the global governance environment where the global political economy is manipulated to exploit Africa’s scarce resources through the second ‘Scramble for and Partition of Africa’ under the veneer of global governance and globalisation. This article demonstrates the vulnerability of the development of Nigeria/Africa against the backdrop of orthodox post-colonial nation building, globalisation and development processes, and suggests ways to escape this quagmire

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1995-641X
print ISSN: 0256-2804