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Applying Endogenous Knowledge in the African Context

Andreas Velthuizen


The question presented in this article is how to improve the dispute resolution competence of practitioners in Africa. The response offered involves enhancing the endogenous knowledge of a dispute and how to resolve it. This requires not only an understanding of what endogenous knowledge is, but also an alignment of personal values, innovative strategies and an attitude of activism. An integral part of an extensive skills set to implement specifi c dispute resolution strategies is the ability to facilitate the free sharing of information about all aspects of a conflict; mediating by involving all members of society, especially at community level; functioning in an integrated courts system; and fostering trust among former belligerents. It is recommended that these aspects are included in dispute resolution curricula to enhance the integrated competence of dispute resolution practitioners in Africa.

AFRICA INSIGHT Vol 42 (1) – June 2012

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