Development of a tool for dispelling myths associated with natal/neonatal teeth: “Adunni” a health education video in a native Nigerian language

  • O.O. Bankole
  • F.B. Lawal
  • O. Ibiyemi
Keywords: Child, Natal teeth, Neonatal teeth, Health education, Video


Studies have revealed that Nigerians irrespective of social class have negative attitudes and practices towards children born with natal teeth and those who erupt teeth within the first 30 days of life. This has been associated with the strong cultural myths and beliefs that exist among the populace. Children with natal teeth and their families have been stigmatized and are believed to be cursed. This stigmatization affects their social life and consequently impacts on their quality of life. Therefore, there is a need to develop an intervention such as a video to help dispel these myths. Videotapes have been shown as an intriguing means of communication and valuable tool in health education. To help dispel the myths associated with natal teeth, and neonatal teeth a twenty-eight-minute culturally appropriate video in the a local Nigerian language (Yoruba) titled “Adunni” targeted for people from the low social class was developed. This film has been sent to primary health care centers in suburban and rural areas and will be shown to mothers, pregnant women, nursing mothers and traditional birth attendants with a view to appropriately inform them and the entire communities that eruption of natal or neonatal teeth is not a curse.

Keywords: Child, Natal teeth, Neonatal teeth, Health education, Video


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eISSN: 1597-1627