Case Report: Median nerve formation; an unusual position in the right upper extremity with clinical relevance

  • Joseph Alo Nwafor
  • Obinna Onwe Uchewa
  • Amaobi Jude Egwu
  • Godwin Ikechukwu Nwajagu
Keywords: Median nerve, arterial relations, right upper extremity, Morphology.


There was no direct relationship between its formation and the axillary artery. Hence, it may be not be readily compromised. The site of MN formation was in proximal relation to the insertion of the coracobrahialis. This is clinically important as it may give a reinforced innervation to the muscle and proprioceptive impulses to medial fibres of the brachialis muscle. Conversely, the MN may be compressed by the tendon of the coracobrahialis, affecting its sympathetic filaments to the brachial artery. Furthermore, when present, it may be severed during reconstructive surgeries around the mid arm as the medial intermuscular septum fades out above the insertion of the coracobrachialis muscle. This report highlights the presence of a significant anatomical variation of the median nerve with regards to its site of formation, roots morphology and distribution, as well as its arterial relations for proper planning of surgeries.

Key Words: Median nerve, arterial relations, right upper extremity, Morphology.


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eISSN: 2305-9478
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