Protective effects of Celosia argentea Linn. Vitamin E and dexamethasone on radiation-induced damage on the developing rat cerebellum

  • Love Chioma Kanu
  • Olatunde Owoeye
  • Innocent Ohiorenuan Imosemi
  • Adelofolarin Obanishola Malomo
Keywords: Gamma-radiation, neuroprotective, plant products, rat brain


The potential neuroprotective effect of aqueous extract of Celosia argentea Linn (AECA), Vitamin E (Vit E) and Dexamethasone (Dexa) on radiation-induced damage on the developing rat cerebellum was studied. Forty-two female rats weighing between 147 g and 222 g were randomized into six groups (N=7). Control group – Group I, Irrad group – Group II, AECA group – Group III, AECA + Irrad group – Group IV, Vit E + Irrad group – Group V and Dexa+ Irrad group – Group VI. Rats were mated and pregnant rats were exposed to 2.5 Gy gamma radiation on gestation day 7. The administration of 400 mg/kg of AECA, 500 mg/kg of Vit E and 0.005 ml/rat of Dexa started from gestation day 1 till postnatal day 28. Postpartum, 5 pups from each group were exposed to behavioural and biochemical tests and then sacrificed. Brain tissue fixed in 10% formalin, processed by paraffin wax method was stained with H&E and Cresyl violet stains for histology. Radiation significantly (p<0.05) reduced gross, behavioural, histological and histomorphometric parameters, while eliciting oxidative stress relative to control group on post-natal days 7, 14, 21 and 28. Treatment with AECA, Vit E and Dexa with radiation significantly (p<0.05) reduced most of the alterations induced by radiation in the various parameters. This study confirmed development of oxidative stress in rat pups using single dose 2.5 Gy gamma-irradiation. The antioxidant properties of AECA and Vit E and the anti-inflammatory property of Dexa were able to mitigate the alterations in the developing rat brain parameters.

Key words: Gamma-radiation, neuroprotective, plant products, rat brain.


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eISSN: 2305-9478
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