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Mike Schramm


LV Mukhwana, Q Luke, E Delmas, K Otoi, O Hamerlynck, L Vandepitte and B Adkins. 2016. Carbon stocks of the terraces of the Lower Tana River floodplain and delta, Kenya, prior to conversion for biofuel production. African Journal of Aquatic Science 41(1): 119–125. doi: 10.2989/16085914.2016.1151401


Acacia nomenclature used in the African Journal of Aquatic Science

It is editorial policy of the African Journal of Aquatic Science to follow the revised Acacia nomenclature, based on the retypification of the genus ratified by the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne in 2011 and subsequently published in Appendix III of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants, and now in widespread use in the scientific literature. In addition, the journal makes a practice of including the former names alongside the more recent names for these taxa, so as to facilitate searching. However, the authors of “Carbon stocks of the terraces of the Lower Tana River floodplain and delta, Kenya, prior to conversion for biofuel production” are not all in agreement with the journal’s policy on Acacia nomenclature and its expression in their article and advocate continued recognition of Acacia sensu lato for African acacias.

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