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An assessment of the fish population of the lower reaches of the Sanyati River, Zimbabwe

W Mhlanga


The fish population of the lower reaches of the Sanyati River was studied using multifilament gillnets and monthly sampling was conducted over 13 consecutive months. A total of 15 fish species belonging to seven families were collected and variations in monthly catches and catch per unit effort and condition were observed. The five most common species exhibited a seasonal breeding pattern, with most breeding occurring in the rainy season. The exotic Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus was found to have established itself in the Sanyati River. The results of this study were compared with those of previous workers on Lake Kariba.

Keywords: fish population; Sanyati river; Zimbabwe; abundance; breeding; condition factor

(Afr J Aqua Sci: 2000 25: 84-88)
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