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The IFR process: beyond the specialist workshop

D Louw
D Hughes
A Birkhead


The process of determining Instream Flow Requirements (IFRs) has been well developed to the point at which an IFR table which quantifies the temporal distribution of discharge, upon which the modified flow regime is based, is produced. During the last three years, the process has been further developed by linking the IFRs (using the IFR model) to an historical time series and a natural flow trigger. It has become imperative that the liaison between IFR specialists and developers of the methodology should not end here, as some of the most important requirements for supplying the IFR include the determination of the yield of a system as well as the design and ultimate operation of storage structures. On the basis of some case studies this paper considers how the liaison should take place after the specialist workshop and summarises the areas where further development is required.

Keywords: instream flow requirements; IFR model; assurance; yield; operation; design; integration

(Afr J Aqua Sci: 2000 25: 183-190)

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eISSN: 1727-9364
print ISSN: 1608-5914