African Journal of Aquatic Science

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Biochemical genetic variation between four populations of Labeobarbus polylepis from three river systems in South Africa

PFS Mulder, D Engelbrecht, JS Engelbrecht, F Roux


The genetic variation within four Labeobarbus
polylepis populations from both river and dam environments in the Limpopo,
Incomati and Phongolo River systems was studied. Gene products of 22
enzyme-coding loci were resolved using horizontal starch gel electrophoresis.
Fourteen (64%) of the 22 loci were monoallelic in all populations. Levels of
polymorphism (P0.95) ranged between 9.1% and 22.7%. The
heterozygosity varied from 0.028 for the Westoe Dam population (Phongolo River
system) to 0.093 in the Spekboom River population (Limpopo River system). The
genetic distance, FST and NEM values, as well as
pair-wise contingency c2 analyses indicate a lack of gene flow
between populations, as expected for isolated fish. Evidence of foreign genetic
material in one population was also observed.

African Journal of Aquatic Science
2004, 29(1): 97–102
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